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I know it's been awhile since I last posted here! First off, People, please take this Corona Virus seriously!! It's ridiculously contagious and it endangers the well being of everybody!! Don't go out unless you have to, wash your hands often and don't congregate with other people. Keep your distance and use hand sanitizers!! Too many people of all ages have been lost already! Let's get this thing under control!!

Now onto more interesting stuff! I've been working a lot in my home studio for the past 2 years doing tracks for clients. Playing out occasionally but mostly at home!! With the current situation for musicians with no gigs available due to shut down venues I'm gonna put this out there! If you would like me to play on your project email me here on this web site. I've got pro gear and a boatload of guitars both acoustic and electric!! My home studio is ready to rock!!

I'm starting to write for a new CD. It's in the very early stages but hopefully will be ready to rock soon!!

As usual you can buy my last CD "Five" on CD Baby and iTunes. It is also available on BandCamp and all the streaming sources!! You can also find The Hermanators CD "Twisted" on all those platforms!! 

That's it for now!! I will be updating this page more oft



That's it for now!  Take care of yourselves and BE SAFE!!

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